Which CSGO Trading Websites Are Legitimate?

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There are many legitimate CSGO trading websites still running. Here’s a concise overview that you can use to find a suitable website.

  1. CSGOEmpire.com (P2P).
  2. CSGO500.com (P2P).
  3. Gamdom.com (P2P).
  4. CSGORoll.com (P2P).
  5. Cs.money (Trade Bot).
  6. Duelbits.com (P2P.
  7. Cs.deals (Trade Bot and Marketplace).
  8. Swap.gg (Trade Bot and Marketplace).
  9. Tradeit.gg (Trade Bot).
  10. Buff.163.com (P2P Marketplace).
  11. Dmarket (Trade Bot).
  12. CSGOTraders.net (New CSGOLounge basically).

P2P Trading Websites – Safe Places to Trade with Other Players

P2P Trading is a new CSGO skin trading method. The massive advantage of P2P trading is that you can easily exchange your skins without any commission. It works like this: you have skin that you no longer need. Now you host your skin on a P2P website such as CSGOEmpire or CSGORoll.

The cost of your skin is offered on the Internet platform but you can change it yourself. But you will not be able to freely edit it, so you can only specify a discount of up to twenty percent or charge up to fifty percent in addition. That means that you should not use P2P trading websites for CSGO skins with expensive stickers on them. On the other hand, you will be able to use P2P modern trading platforms, allowing you to set personal prices for your items in order to sell skins with expensive higher prices.

After depositing skins and receiving some coins, you skip to the withdrawal section. Take a look at all the skins in the website withdrawal section and find the one you wish to withdraw. Make sure you have enough coins to purchase one of the skins. Also, check if the skin is in good condition (New from the Factory or Slightly Worn) and whether it has a fine float value. If you find a nice skin, select it and click “withdraw”.

Now open your Steam Inbox and wait for another user to send you a skin. Don’t worry if the merchant doesn’t send the skin. Your coins will be returned. Large websites like CSGOEmpire have over 15,000 items in the store, so you will definitely find a decent skin that you love. In conclusion, P2P trading websites give a fast and safe CSGO trading experience for everyone.

Difficulties with P2P trading websites

P2P CSGO trading websites have one big flaw. Most of these websites are also CSGO gambling platforms. Therefore, you may think that you can get the best skins by playing with your coins. DO NOT DO THIS if you do not wish to lose your coins. Just use the websites to trade, and don’t gamble. Also, you must be over eighteen years old to use these websites, so you may be blocked if you are under eighteen years old. Therefore, you should not use these websites when you are not old enough, as you can lose your skins when you are blocked.

CSGO Trading Bots Problems

Trading bots are offered by almost all different websites such as cs.money, tradeit.gg, cs.deals, and swap.gg. You can instantly change your skin for at least some other skin. And also, you can choose skins from other games such as Rust, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. Of course, CSGO skins are more popular than anything else. Sites like cs.money are really comfortable to use, but they have one big drawback: they charge really high fees.

You can expect to be paid anywhere from five percent to ten percent of trading commissions. For example, if you want to swap your own skin for $100, you can only swap it for the rest of the skin that costs less than $ 90. If you use a large number of trading bots, you can kill your own inventory and make it worthless. That is why almost all players never use trading robots.

But, if you are not worried about the commission, the Trade Bot websites are really good. Some websites also give a premium version for a monthly fee of approximately $10, which lowers your trading fees. Most importantly, you must also compare prices before making a trade. For example, before trading your skin on tradeit.gg, constantly inspect how much you can get on cs.money, swap.gg, and cs.deals.

Also, be careful with the prices of the skin. Some websites use very inflated prices for the skins to make you think that in certain very moment you are getting good value. However, they also often inflate prices when you are trying to withdraw skin, which means that in general, you will not get a decent value.

General questions about CSGO Trading

What’s the TOP CSGO trading website?

Leading CSGO Trading Website – CSGOEmpire. The developers use a P2P system, allowing you to exchange your skins with other players. You don’t have to pay any commissions. However, you have to inspect the prices yourself, because some traders overpricing their products.

Is CSGO Trading Dead?

No, CSGO Trading has not died. You will still be able to trade with experienced exchange traders and you will be able to use P2P trading websites or trading bots to sell and buy CSGO skins. But always be careful as there are still a lot of crooks out there.

How can I trade with CSGO?

You will be able to trade with your comrades in CSGO by going to their personal Steam profile. On the right, near the message key, there is a small arrow that points down. Smash on it and select line “Offer a Trade”. Then select the items you wish to trade and click the button “Click here to confirm your trade.” Then click “Make an offer” to send your deal.

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