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Among CSGO Gambling games, Coinflip is recognized as one of the greatest. The latter doesn’t differ to any extent from a simple coinflip except for wagering on the outcome. The coins you win here can be used for enriching the steam inventory of your CS:GO skins that you currently have.

Playing Rules

Let’s suppose you would like to launch the coinflip on CSGOEmpire. Your choice will be between T and CT. You are then to choose the number of coins you would like to wager. You may as well bet a single coin. Post the coinflip battle and wait until someone joins it. It won’t take longer than seconds. The coin is immediately flipped, and the winning side is the one it lands on.

Best CSGO Coinflip Sites

#1 CSGOEmpire

Millions of users have acknowledged CSGOEmpire as the best CSGO Coinflip and CSGO Gambling Site, and this is not for nothing. The licensed online casino has been providing its users with fair gambling for more than 4 years already. They boast of an impressively low house edge – only 6%. It signifies that you will get 1.94$ instead of 2$ just by betting 1$. Since they have plenty of active gamblers, finding an opponent will not make a great difficulty but even if it does, you will be able to call a bot. This way instead of playing against a real human you are to play against the site.


CSGO500 is apparently among the most entertaining legit CSGO Gambling Sites. Here duels came to replace real coinflips. To create a duel you are to play against another person which is not any different from coinflip. You are also given an opportunity to play against two or three different participants. Whether your chance of winning is 50/50 or 33/33/33 depends on whether you are playing against 1 or 2 players. Your chance can be even less – 25% for each of the participants if you have decided to play against 3 punters. Your winning will be much bigger if you prefer to play against even more players. It is up to you whether to withdraw your winnings in skins straight to your CSGO inventory or pick up an alternative withdrawal method. Gift cards, game keys, and plenty of other options are suggested. In the same way, it’s possible to withdraw winnings to Gamdom, Farmskins, Daddyskins, and many other Case Opening Sites.

Play Coinflip – Win CSGO Skins

Perhaps every participant in the game is interested in how he/she can win CSGO skins by playing Coinflip. However, the answer is dissatisfying because it is impossible to win a game all the time if it is related to betting or gambling. At some point, every player loses, and this is inevitable. And still, some techniques and strategies exist that can boost your chances of winning.

Martingale method

The martingale system, more popular as a roulette strategy, can be as well applied to Coinflip. The hidden idea is quite easy. Your game starts with the minimal bet – 1 coin. In case you win you continue the game with the same bet. But in case you lose, your bet is doubled. If you have lost your 1 coin you are to bet 2 coins. After winning, your initial wager will become your profit.

Let’s get acquainted with a couple of examples:

  • In case you bet 1 coin, after winning you will have +1 coin as a profit.
  • You start your game by betting 1 coin. Losing it, you are to double it by betting 2 coins already.
  • The situation changes for the better if you win because you receive 2 coins +2 coins back.
  • Eventually losing 1 coin previously you will still profit with a +1 coin.
  • Nothing changes if you lose 3 times in a row, as eventually, you will stick to a win which will bring back your losses, plus 1 coin as a profit: -1,-2,-4,+8= -7 +8 = +1/
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