CS:GO Crash – learn all about the perfect game mode

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CS:GO Crash is a great game mode, it can be run on a huge variety of CS:GO sites. Some of the biggest game sites, including CSGOFast, Gamdom, Wtfskins, and CSGO500, can offer this game mode. The idea is that the player needs to contribute their skins to the site’s page and collect coins. The number of coins will be equal to the cost of skins. The user gets to bet his coins on the graph, which shows the growth, it will also show the multiplier. As the graph grows, the multiplier itself also increases. By clicking the “Cashout” button on the site, the player wins and gets to collect his coins, they will be multiplied by the number of coins that were bet.

One example: A player bets 200 coins ($2), the chart increases to 4.54, and then he clicks the “Cashout” button. He gets 908 coins, which means the profit is +708, even though the bet was only 200 coins. If the chart collapses before the withdrawal, the player loses 200 coins.

A large number of sites provide a provably fair system for crashing the game, this allows the player to verify the honesty of the site and the possibility of earning a certain amount of money. No one has any idea where is the edge of profit can be made playing Crash games, but it is safe to assume that the profit is about 5-15%, which means an income roughly equal to that of roulette mode.

Ways to make a profit on Crash sites

Betting on Martingale

The Martingale betting method is very easy to use: A player makes a very low initial bet (like $0.10) and waits until the multiplier reaches 2, after which he makes a cashout. When the multiplier reaches 2 and the player cashes out, he earns 10₵. And in the case when the end of the game comes earlier, the player will double his bet and bet already $0.20. After that, if he wins, he will have $0.40 in his account, with a profit of $0.10, because the bet of $0.10 was lost.

Such a method is a very safe way to make a profit, however, the winnings are small because of low bets, however, it is the safest way.

The method of large bets

This method has a high risk, while at the same time it can guarantee a very good profit. For example, a player has $100 to bet and wants to get $110, he needs to bet $100 on Crash once and withdraw with odds of 1.1. If he wants $150, he bets at a multiplier of 1.5, etc.

A low multiplier means low risks but also low profits, a high multiplier means high risks and good profits.

The method of hoping for high multipliers

This method is suitable for players who do not have large budgets. Usually, the player bets $0.10 first and expects the multiplier to be greater than 10 (5, 100, or 20). Initially, the player needs to choose favor of any multiplier he likes, the main thing, in this case, is to choose a high multiplier and stick to it. The player continues to bet until he reaches the required number of multipliers, after which he ends the game and walks with the winnings.

The reasons for the attractiveness of CS:GO Crash

CS:GO Crash is one of the most attractive and favorite game modes for many. An unforgettable experience every user gets when they get to withdraw at the right time or seconds before the schedule crashes – it’s truly priceless. In addition, users get an adrenaline rush when the multipliers grow rapidly and when they become huge – such sensations are unique. You have to understand that this kind of game mode is very popular among CS:GO gamblers, and is considered to be exciting and loved by many. You should just try it, and you will see for yourself! But remember that you should only play with the funds that you are willing to lose in case of failure. Gambling peculiarity, including CS:GO, is that there is a possibility of addiction, so you should monitor the time spent in the games and be accountable for their actions.

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