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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a sequel to the original Counter-Strike game released by Valve Corporation ...
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CS:GO betting sites list

Although the actual game was released way back in 2012, CS:GO betting sites are still popular and demanded by the players. Counter-Strike is now a major part of the eSports industry, having dozens of internationally popular teams. Therefore, it is no wonder that the fans are eager to spice up the competitions by placing wagers on their favorites. Another interesting activity related to the game is CS:GO gambling, which allows you to wager your in-game skins.
The assortment of activities may make it seem complicated for new users, so in this article, we will have a deep dive into the world of CS:GO betting sites and cover the gambling segment as well. We will both introduce you to all the popular types of gambling and betting as well as cover the services in detail. Moreover, we will share with you some useful tips to make a start smoother, so stay tuned!

Best CS:GO skin betting sites

We’ve decided to split the article into three main sections, each of them representing a different activity. Let us start with CS:GO betting sites that have in-game skins as their main currency. As you likely know, you can trade the skins with other players, and they all have different values. With these sites, you use the skins to make predictions on the eSports CS:GO matches. Logically, you will lose your skins if your prediction is wrong and win more skins if your prediction is correct.

How to bet CS:GO skins

Now that you know the basics, you are almost ready to start. The first thing you need to do is to select a decent skin betting site. While choosing a site, we always recommend paying special attention to the security and the reputation of the place. Spending a few extra minutes reading the players’ reviews on independent platforms may save you lots of nerves and skins. The websites we are ready to recommend here are CSGO Empire and CSGO500.
The next step is to create an account on the selected website. With most websites, you will only need to make a username and password pair and link your Steam account. The registration process is typically simple, so there’s nothing to elaborate on here. The next and the last thing on your way to skin betting is to deposit your items to the site balance. It is typically done the following way: the site analyses your inventory and allows you to select the items you wish to deposit. Then, you receive a trade request from the site’s bot. You pass the items to the bot, and they appear on your balance. At this point, you are ready to place wagers on the desired eSports matches.
There is also an optional step before making a deposit that involves getting a bonus first. Most websites offer something for free upon registration. These might be free skins for betting or other freebies, and the offers may get really generous. However, we strongly recommend reading the bonus terms attentively. Sometimes, the site will make you complete difficult wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

CS:GO betting sites that accept cases

While most sites have a minimum deposit amount and only accept skins starting from a certain value, there are several places where you can deposit cases. Cases aren’t worth much, but they might become a good option to clean your inventory and have some fun in the process. Moreover, having a streak of successful predictions may grant you some truly valuable items.

CS:GO betting websites with free daily coins

Some of the skin betting websites also have a feature that encourages your daily activity. They provide you with free daily coins, allowing you to make a free bet almost every day. The amount of coins you receive usually depends either on your general activity on the site or is randomly rolled every time.

Skin betting pros and cons

Like everything in this world, skin betting is imperfect and has its own benefits and drawbacks compared to the other services we are going to review today. In this section, we would like to highlight both of them to help you make an informed choice regarding which option suits you the most. Let us start with the pros of skin betting.

Skin betting pros

A simplified registration procedure. You will not need to verify your identity or provide any personal information to participate in skin betting. From the legal point of view, you are not exchanging money with the site, and you are only trading the in-game skins. Therefore, the site is not considered a bookmaker and is not obliged to gather all the personal and financial information.
The second life for your skins. In case you have stopped playing Counter-Strike but still have lots of skins left or simply don’t use some of the items in your collection, skin betting becomes a great option to give your skins a second life. You may deposit the items you don’t like and win better skins.
Getting some expensive skins. Almost every CS:GO player has a favorite skin that is too expensive for them. Being not able to afford an item might be discouraging, but putting your existing inventory at stake may become the opportunity you’re looking for.
No real money risks. Yes, every skin has a dollar value behind it, so this point is not applicable for every player. It is only true if you are betting the skins you received for free or from trading. Nevertheless, you are not betting your money directly, so you won’t be able to lose the funds.
Freebies. Most websites offer free stuff for daily logging in or for other activities, allowing you to benefit from skin betting even more. The conditions vary dramatically across different sites, so make sure to choose the most beneficial one.
Not a game of chance. Unlike the skin gambling that we will review further in the article, skin betting is not a game of chance. The outcomes are not random and strongly depend on the information you have and the choices you make. Being informed and rational may significantly improve your results.

Skin betting cons

Risks. You may lose your items just like you may win new ones. Even though only a small percentage of players wagers with a significant worth of skins, there is still a risk for everyone to lose the items from their collection from making a wrong prediction.
Many unreliable sites. This problem is an outcome of the benefit we have just described. The sites are not regulated as strictly as bookmakers or online casinos, so they cannot be considered as reliable. This especially relates to the freshly opened websites that haven’t managed to earn a positive reputation yet.
Winning skins. It’s fine when you simply wager the skins you don’t need, but when it comes to wagering expensive items and winning big, it might become uncomfortable. You will likely want to convert the skins into cash as you don’t normally need that much money on your Steam balance. This implies using the online market sites to sell your skins for real funds, which takes time and effort.

CS:GO betting real money

Now that we have dealt with skin betting, we are ready to move on to the second category of activities, which implies wagering on the real money CS:GO betting sites. This might seem very similar to skin betting as the only major difference that comes to mind is the deposit method: here, you use money instead of skins. However, after reading this section, you will understand that there are lots of small differences between the services.

How to bet real money on CS:GO

The beginner’s guide for real money betting on CS:GO matches is very similar to the one for skin betting. First of all, you have to find a site to play at. Here, we would recommend putting more effort into selecting the platform as it is a more responsible choice than with a skin betting site. Skin sites are usually chosen as a one-time activity, while real money betting may become a long-term journey, making a choice more important. While choosing a website, we recommend paying attention to the following parameters:

  • the reputation and the security of the website;
  • the range of banking methods available;
  • the conditions for transactions;
  • the range of betting markets and matches supported;
  • the odds compared to other sites;
  • the promotions and the terms behind them;
  • the customer support service.

As you can see, it requires performing comprehensive research, but we are sure it is worth the time. You have to do it only once, and then you will be able to enjoy the service for a long time, being sure you have made a perfect choice. We consider the following platforms to be the best CS:GO betting sites: GGBet, bet365, LOOTBET, Betfair, Betway, and Betsafe.
The next step you have to perform after selecting the site is to register. Compared to skin betting, the registration process here is more complicated as you have to provide the bookmaker with your personal information. Moreover, you will most likely have to verify your identity before being able to withdraw your winnings, so make sure to enter the real information at the registration stage.
Once your account is ready, you only have to make a deposit before being able to start placing the wagers. To add up your balance, visit the cashier of the bookmaker, select a comfortable payment method, configure and finish the transaction. As soon as the funds reach your balance, you are ready to make the predictions. However, we strongly recommend reading all the terms and conditions attentively before making your first cash-in.
Just as with skin betting, many bookmakers offer an option to get a bonus. In most cases, the bookmaker welcomes you with a generous deposit bonus that increases the amount of your first cash-in by a certain percentage. The terms and conditions vary between the websites, so make sure to learn them before activating the promotions.

CS:GO betting sites no deposit

Some sites also have no deposit bonuses, but it is quite a rare feature. We don’t recommend considering it as a significant factor that will affect your final choice. Such promotions are usually not very generous and come with strict wagering requirements or other terms. In other words, there are some sites that provide a no deposit bonus for every player, but you will either get only a small value gift or even won’t manage to complete the terms at all.

Small CS:GO betting

There are many platforms that accept bets of small amounts, but don’t rush to consider them as poor CS:GO betting sites. They might actually have larger turnovers than the sites with high minimum limits. All in all, such platforms are a great choice for your first wagering experience. They have the same set of features as the other bookies, allowing you to test everything without having to spend a fortune.

Pros and cons of real money betting on CS:GO

Most of the points we are going to mention in this section are quite obvious, but having them presented as comfortable shortlists will definitely have a positive effect on the perception. You will be able to compare these lists for the three main categories to make a perfect choice for yourself.

Real money betting pros

Winning cash. Obviously, by making real money wagers, you are getting a chance to win real money. This is the main reason for most bettors to start, so this point is hard to ignore.
Spicing up the games. If you enjoy watching the eSports matches in CS:GO, betting real money on them is a great option to make the process more entertaining. Which is even better, the best sportsbooks have a feature of built-in live streams, allowing you to watch the game comfortably right from the website.
In-play wagering. Some skin betting sites also have such a feature, but with real money sportsbooks, it is way more common. In-play betting implies placing wagers on the events that are already in progress. It gives a lot more space for your creativity in terms of predictions. With CS:GO eSports, the condition of the teams on the day of the match is crucial, so this feature comes in handy.
Mobile betting. Most other activities we’re reviewing today are also available on mobile as web versions, but the sportsbooks are the ones that have great mobile apps. You will be able to place your wagers on the go having the same set of features available, watch the games in real-time, and have a comfortable interface. This is especially great if combined with the previous feature, as it is not always possible to use your desktop during a match.
More promos. Bookmakers usually offer more promotions to choose from. Moreover, many of them have eSports-exclusive promos that will grant even more value. The bonuses themselves are typically more generous than with other services reviewed today too.
Sports betting. Today, eSports are available at many international sportsbooks, and CS:GO is usually covered well there. If you choose one of such sportsbooks, you will also be able to place wagers on sports events.
Not a game of chance. Here, it is the same as it was with skin betting. The more informed and rational you are, the better are your chances. It is still impossible to win every bet you make, but unlike gambling, the results are not completely random.

Real money betting cons

Losing funds. As you could have guessed, when placing real money wagers, there is a risk of losing real money. This is especially true for beginners who are not yet experienced enough to manage their funds rationally. The first losses discourage a lot of new players.
Hard to start. The registration process is a bit complicated, and you also have to verify your identity. There’s nothing too difficult about it, but when making an account at a sportsbook, you naturally want to place the wagers as soon as possible, and the registration becomes a time-consuming obstacle on your way.
Bonus terms. The terms behind the promotions are usually pretty limiting. In most cases, you will have to complete wagering requirements by making several bets on odds higher than the stated amount. You will also need to reach the total sum wagered that would be several times higher than the bonus sum. It typically requires making two or three successful bets but is still an uncomfortable pitfall behind most promotions.

CS:GO gambling sites

The last activity we are going to review today is CS:GO skin gambling. It involves betting your skins on casino-like games pursuing the chance to win more skins. There are several popular types of such games, and we will briefly overview each of them later on. CS:GO gambling sites and codes for their promotions are less popular than eSports betting but are still a large market that is hard to ignore.

How to gamble with CS:GO skins

The process is exactly the same as with skin betting, the only difference being that you will use skins on various games instead of eSports wagering. As you probably remember, the first step is to choose a site. Here, we won’t recommend any specific websites as they all offer different types of games. With gambling sites, it is even more important to check the reputation of the platform as not all of them are fair towards the players. We recommend using only the trusted sites with a positive reputation on independent players’ review platforms.
Once you have found your site, you need to create an account there and link your Steam profile. Then, you will be able to deposit skins the same way you do in skin betting. The bot analyzes your inventory, and you transfer the items through a Steam trade offer. As soon as the items reach your balance on the website, you are ready to start gambling.
As you can see, the registration is only difficult at real money CS:GO betting sites. The others are not regulated by the same authorities and do not have to gather all the data. They won’t make you verify your identity either, making it a great one-time activity. You will be able to jump in for a few rounds of roulette and forget about the service if you want, without having to spend an hour making yourself a profile.
Types of CS:GO gambling sites
As we have already mentioned, the websites are different. The most logical way to split them is to base the categorization on the games they offer. In this section, we will briefly review and explain the most popular types of such games. But before we begin, we would like to remind you that these are all games of chance, and your results will strictly depend on random.

CS:GO roulette

This is probably the most popular form of skin gambling you can find. It is named after the classic casino game and has slightly similar rules. However, there are also several crucial differences. While in the classic roulette, the wheel sections are fixed, here, it is a bit more complicated. You basically buy the sections with your skins, so the more you deposit, the higher is your chance to win. Logically, the person who has deposited the most valuable items has the highest chances of winning.
The wheel spins every few minutes, giving you enough time to trade your skins for the next spin. A popular tactic on such sites is to wait for the last moment and rush in with a large bet. This allows you to control the total bank and manage your chances. However, it does not guarantee you a victory.

CS:GO roll sites

Sites like CSGORoll are a bit different. They also work as roulette, but your chances there do not depend on the deposit amount, making it more similar to the classic casino game. On such sites, your skins are converted into coins, depending on their value. CSGORoll, in particular, also accepts several other payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

CS:GO crash

The crash is another popular game to wager your skins on. The players submit their bets and then are shown a rising graph. They have to hit the stop button before the graph falls, and then later they do it, the higher is the reward. It is also a game of chance, so whether you are playing safe or waiting for the last moment, you still have a chance to lose.

CS:GO coin flip

As simple as it sounds, coin flip involves betting on a 50/50 outcome with your skins. At most sites, it is provided with attractive animations, making the process more entertaining. The best gambling websites operate under transparent protocols, allowing the users to ensure everything works fairly and the random is not tweaked in favor of the site. This is a good practice with other games from this section, not only the coin flip.

CS:GO dice

It is basically the popular dice game but with CS:GO skins used as the betting currency. You have to predict the outcomes of the dice roll, wagering your in-game items. The game is very different across all sites, but the most popular version involves the results from one to one hundred. The player, in that case, gets to choose the amount and is able to make under or over predictions. The multiplier logically depends on the selected amount and bet type.

Multi-game sites

Many sites nowadays are not one-game-exclusive. They may offer several of the mentioned games and even some additional ones that you won’t find anywhere else. Even if you are planning to play only one of the games we have described, we would suggest looking for a site that has something else to enjoy. You will be able to try the other games with small wagers, and there is a good chance you will enjoy them even more.

Cheap CS:GO gambling sites

Most CS:GO gambling sites have very low minimum deposit amounts to make the entry barrier easier to pass. You will be able to deposit your common skins and gamble with them first to test the service before moving on to more expensive items. Some players prefer trying the dice or the coin flip games to stack up funds from a micro deposit, while the others feel lucky and try stealing the bank in the roulette with a low chance.

Skin gambling pros and cons

As with all the other sections, we will provide a shortlist of all the main advantages and drawbacks for the games of this category. The main benefit of skin gambling is that it is considered way more entertaining by most players than eSports betting, while the main problem is that they are all games of chance, and no knowledge or experience will affect your chances to win.

Skin gambling pros

It’s fun. There are lots of activities with skin gambling that you can try. We have only mentioned the most popular ones, while there are dozens of other games you can enjoy. In most games, you compete either against or alongside other players, adding the social aspect to the process.
Chance to win big. The possible multipliers are way better than the eSports betting odds. Moreover, you won’t have to wait for the game to finish and test your nerves watching it if you prefer the outcomes to be delivered faster. Some players manage to win ten times the deposit amount in the first few minutes of gambling!
Progress and rewards. The best gambling sites offer great loyalty programs. They allow you to earn experience or other points from playing the games and then receive benefits depending on the number of points earned. These might be free skins, coins, increased exchange rates, or other stuff rewarding your loyalty to the platform.
Especially good with unwanted skins. You can also use the skins you don’t need on the betting sites, but gambling with them is considered a better option by many players. You won’t likely manage to win big on eSports betting from wagering skins that are worth less than a dollar, while with gambling, you always have such a chance even though it is small.

Skin gambling cons

Games of chance. All the games from this category are games of chance. It means you cannot affect the results, and they are always random. You will never have guaranteed wins here, and it is very important to understand it. Even if you are planning to play safe, you will lose at some point. Managing your wagers will make your gambling more efficient, but it will still give no guarantees for winning. A bit too entertaining. Gambling addiction is a serious problem, and it is applicable to skin gambling as well. Even though you are not making real money wagers here, you may still get too addicted and end up depositing cash to your Steam account in order to buy skins for gambling. Every form of gambling should be treated responsibly from your side, so if you know you have such issues, make sure to limit the funds you will be able to spend on it.
Mathematical advantage. The casino always wins. All the sites have a mathematical advantage over the players, allowing them to receive guaranteed profits. This is called the house edge, and it varies for different games. The sites that do not participate in the games themselves and only let the users play against each other simply charge a commission from every round of bets made.

CS:GO betting sites Q&A

Q: What is the best CS:GO betting site?
A: There are many decent sites for real money betting on CS:GO, and it is very hard to recommend one of them. They have different sets of features that will appeal to different kinds of players, so we would recommend checking out the five most popular ones and choosing the perfect one for yourself.
Q: How can I gamble my skins?
A: You can play various casino-like games with your skins. There are roulettes, dice, crashes, duels, case battles, coin flips, and many other activities available for wagering.
Q: What are the trading limits for my skins?
A: There are two main rules. Firstly, you can only trade the skins that are available on the Steam marketplace. Secondly, you will not be able to trade an item for a week after purchasing it on the marketplace.
Q: How does the site know which skins I have?
A: They require you to set your profile as public to let all users see what’s in your inventory. Then, their bot scans your profile and detects the items you can trade.
Q: Where can I bet real money on CS:GO matches?
A: For CS:GO eSports betting with real money, we recommend using international sportsbooks. These are the trusted and reliable bookmakers, granting a decent level of security of their service.
Q: What should I do if the gambling site is not available in my country?
A: You can try using a VPN connection and trying to access the service from “another region.”
Q: Are the odds better than with regular sports?
A: It is hard to compare them, but we would say yes. Not all the regular sports bookmakers are already familiar enough with all the eSports aspects, so they sometimes have their odds way higher than they should be.
Q: How much can I win with skin gambling?
A: It depends on the game you have selected and the amount you deposit. Some games have the winning chances increased depending on the deposit amount, while the others have fixed chances but calculate the winnings depending on the amount of bet.
Q: Are skin gambling sites scams?
A: Some of them are. The best sites operate transparently, proving fairness to every player. The freshly launched sites are the riskiest ones, so make sure to check the reputation of the project before depositing.
Q: Is skin betting legal?
A: Yes, skin betting and skin gambling are legal as skins are not legally considered as a currency. You make bets with virtual items, which is not forbidden in most countries.

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